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Baabuk slippers - Inspired by Nature

Cold feet? For many of us, that's not just an issue in winter. The young Swiss label Baabuk now provides a remedy - with stylish slippers and slippers made of...

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Cold feet? For many of us, this is not only an issue in winter. The young Swiss label Baabuk now provides a remedy - with stylish slippers and slippers made of thick wool felt, which are lovingly handmade in Nepal. The friendly start-up was founded in 2013 with the ambitious goal of creating the warmest shoe ever. The passionate wool fans and founders of Baabuk, Galina and Dan Witting, took the traditional Russian Valenki felt boot as their model and gave it a modern, fresh look. The result is something to be proud of and was rewarded with the 2017 ISPO Gold Award in the Outdoor category.

Each pair of Baabuk slippers is a small masterpiece made from natural and recycled materials and is hand-felted from one piece in a complex manufacturing process. According to an old tradition, only three main

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three main components: pure sheep's wool, mild soap and water. The upper shoe comes entirely without oppressive seams and is also elaborately hammered and brushed, which makes it robust and water-repellent. A hand-stitched, flexible rubber sole made of natural rubber provides the necessary grip and also allows you to walk outside. The New Zealand wool used is not only toasty warm and comfortable, it offers numerous other benefits: The natural fiber is breathable, has an odor-inhibiting and antibacterial effect, while being particularly durable, flexible, lightweight and has a temperature-balancing effect, i.e. it keeps the feet warm in winter and cool in summer.

No compromises - this motto applies to Baabuk not only in terms of quality and workmanship. The footwear is produced in an ecologically sustainable and ethically fair manner - in a small workshop in Nepal that Galina and Dan built from scratch. It is not for nothing that Baabuk products bear the B Corporation seal of quality: it recognizes companies that voluntarily commit to adhering to strict social and ecological standards and to having a positive impact on their employees, environment and surroundings. With so much commitment and fairness, it almost becomes a minor matter that Baabuk slippers and slippers are absolutely stylish and timelessly beautiful. Looking good with a good conscience - what more could you want!

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