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Backpacks - practical companions for on the road

Backpacks are indisputably very practical companions in everyday life and not only because they are easy on the back. In contrast to the conventional shoulder bag, which is worn only on one side and accordingly puts strain on the back on one side, backpacks are worn on the back with two straps. Thus, the back is evenly loaded and the so-called upright posture is supported by the optimal weight distribution. Backpacks are highly recommended for women and men from a health point of view. But for children who are still growing, backpacks are a must to support a healthy development from the skeleton, especially the spine. Backpacks belong to the oldest form of bags, but today's models do not suggest this in terms of functionality and design.

Depending on the area of use for which the backpack is designed, the equipment varies. A laptop backpack is designed to carry a laptop or iPad and equipped with padded interior pockets, it is a safe companion at university or in the office. In it can be transported not only a laptop, it usually has other interior pockets, so that writing utensils and other important things of everyday life can be transported. Especially this type of backpacks is strongly oriented to fashion influences, so you can definitely complete your outfit with them and they are not only practical load carriers, but in terms of design follow a clear statement.

Outdoor backpacks or sports backpacks are usually waterproof and equipped with a hip belt, which ensures optimal load distribution over the entire back and hip area. The so-called daypacks are backpacks designed for everyday use. They usually have a capacity of 10 to 30 liters and have individual compartments to provide more order. These practical everyday companions are usually made of textile, nylon or leather and are always ahead in terms of fashion. Real eye-catchers are, for example, the backpacks from Dakine.

Packing a backpack is not a science, but you should still keep a few things in mind. As a rule, larger backpacks have more interior and exterior compartments. Small items and lighter things are fine in the lid or bottom compartment, as well as in the side pockets. Heavy things belong in the inside main compartment. The weight distribution in the backpack is better for the wearer when the heavy contents are close to the back. At you will find a wide selection of practical and fashionable backpacks.