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Ladies outdoor shoes

Ladies outdoor shoes for active women

For women who like to spend their free time outdoors in the mountains, we have put together a great selection of outdoor shoes and hiking boots. Because if you are active outdoors, you need the necessary equipment. Thereby the shoes are the most important piece of equipment, ideally outdoor shoes especially for women's feet. Hiking shoes are special shoes that are mainly used for hiking and light mountaineering. However, outdoor shoes can also be worn for other types of outdoor exercise, insofar as they require a sturdy and stable shoe. This brings us to the requirements that are placed on outdoor shoes. In addition to fitting women's feet specifically, they must be weatherproof and sturdy.

Ladies only - special requirements for women's outdoor shoes

It is obvious that there is a difference between women's and men's feet and in this case it is not related to the hairiness. Women's feet are usually narrower and more delicate than men's feet of the same size. And yet, women's feet are often slightly wider in the forefoot area than the comparable men's foot. And it is precisely because of these differences that shoe models for female hikers and outdoor athletes are made with different cuts. In the heel area, women's outdoor shoes are also cut narrower to provide optimal support in this area. Hiking is only fun if the shoe fits and does not leave any pressure or friction points. For this reason, outdoor shoes should definitely be broken in before the first real use. To protect the foot from injury, a hiking shoe is sturdy and usually has heel and toe protection. The soles are sturdy enough to prevent you from kicking through rocks or roots. The sole is also crafted to be slip resistant. This is ensured by special material mixtures as well as by the profile. And depending on the recommended place of use, the sole is more or less profiled. If flat and high hiking boots are offered on the part of the manufacturer, the woman must choose whether she needs more or less support in the ankle. Another argument is also the breathability of the shoe.

Robust, stable and weatherproof

... these are characteristics that are required of outdoor shoes. The construction of the shoe ensures the robustness and stability. The fact that many hiking shoes can be worn even in bad weather is due to the processed materials and care. Often GORE-TEX® - membranes are processed. These ensure that outdoor shoes are permanently waterproof, windproof and yet breathable. But despite the processed membrane, hiking boots should be cared for regularly. On the one hand, so that the weather resistance lasts longer, and on the other hand, to maintain the elasticity of the leather. You can find the right shoe care in our store, e.g. from the German traditional and quality brand Collonil. And if you still need a few tips for outdoor shoe shopping, you can read more in the men's category. Have fun and we hope you will find what you are looking for in our range. And if you still need socks or laces for your shoes, take a look at our accessories section.