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The company adidas Originals is one of the leading sporting goods manufacturers in the world and has been providing athletes of all kinds, men and women, with its products for more than 90 years. In the 1920s, the adidas founders, the Dassler brothers, tried to manufacture sneakers in their mother's laundry room. These were supposed to fit the athlete's particular foot perfectly. Adi Dassler entered the shoe business after the First World War and wanted to realize his vision. To bring the optimal shoe to the market for every athlete, no matter what kind of sport they practice. Together with his brother, Dassler founded the "Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik" in Herzogenaurach. The shoe company of the brother and sister team grew steadily, and in 1928 the shoes were worn for the first time at the Olympic Games in Amsterdam. Also beneficial for the company was the winning of 4 gold medals at a 1936 Olympics by Jesse Owens in Adi Dassler's men's sports shoes.

After World War II, Dassler had to draw on leftover army supplies to build up the company. In 1948, the Dassler brothers parted ways. As a result, Adi Dassler decided to launch his own brand. The name of the label is composed of the first name and the first three letters of the last name of the founding father. Dassler registered the 3 stripes as a trademark, which originally served to support the midfoot in the shoes. In 1972, the adidas company was a sponsor of the Olympic Games. The adidas "cloverleaf" was introduced as another trademark at this time, representing the mental linkage of the 3 continental plates connected by the sporting spirit of the Olympic Games. The shoes of the adidas company and the sportswear were presented at various sports events. The adidas company became even more famous and successful as sports stars such as the aforementioned Jesse Owens, Muhamed Ali and Franz Beckenbauer were signed up. These athletes were able to showcase adidas shoes and other products at competitions and games and test them extensively in training. The adidas company promoted its notoriety by supporting many athletes and sporting events around the world and still does. To this day, adidas Originals stands for high-quality workmanship and top quality with its training shoes, sneakers and apparel. This can be associated with classic, timeless or extravagant, fresh designs. The Trefoil logo and the 3 stripes are still the trademark of the most successful sporting goods manufacturer.

The sneaker and shoe production of adidas Originals can look back on more than 50 years of success. For several decades on the market are sneaker classics like the adidas Superstar, the adidas Stan Smith and the adidas Gazelle, despite their long history they are more popular than ever. Also models like the adidas ZX flux or the adidas tubular of the Originals collection are real trendsetters on the fashion market. The adidas Originals models are of course always available for men and women. Especially the color variants for ladies have become more diverse in recent years and are no longer just black and white. In terms of top current street style, these models are nothing to fool. In trendy colorways also for men with all kinds of sophistication, and not only in orignial white and black they come along.

The adidas Superstar is a classic sneaker that can be worn with jeans as well as with a skirt in white. The cap of the adidas Superstar, which not only protects the toe area, is a clear trademark of the Superstar. The adidas Stan Smith sneaker stands for clean lines in the adidas look. The minimalist look of the adidas Stan Smith has many followers and also this adidas Originals model is not only available in black'n'white, but every season new - in interesting colors, so the Superstar is reinvented every season and yet remains true to the old style. The first sneaker model of the adidas Gazelle from the Originals collection appeared in 1968, and very quickly it was clear: without this original nothing goes. Today, the cult sneaker stands out for its simple appearance, hence perhaps the name Gazelle? This sneaker can be combined with several styles without hesitation.

The latest adidas sneaker models of the trend label adidas Originals have caused a huge fuss about the Bavarian company. And not without good reason. The brand-new sole technology, the Boost sole, is not only on everyone's lips, but also makes for a really comfortable shoe. The feel of a sneaker with an adidas Boost sole can't be compared to anything else. Since sneakers can also be translated as quiet-footed, it must be stated that a sneaker equipped with an adidas Boost sole does exactly justice to its actual meaning.

In our brand store, we present you with shoes for men and women. Our fine selection from the seemingly endless adidas Originals range offers, among other things, sneakers, winter shoes and boots for the cold days and sandals and loafers for warmer temperatures. But also vegan shoes are available in the adidas brand store. We are happy to offer you selected sneakers from adidas Originals in the Schuhdealer online store.