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Mens loafers

Even for the men of creation loafers are totally hip!

Loafers are also an absolute must for men, because they can be perfectly combined with everything. Comfortable dressing is guaranteed, because the name comes from the simple slip in and laces, Velcro or similar have no place there. With the loafers in the layer design of TOMS you do by the way also still what good. When the American Blake Mycoskie traveled through Argentina and noticed that the children there had no shoes on, he founded this label and since then donates for each pair another in countries like Zambia, Cambodia or Mongolia.

Since loafers don't have laces or other closures, putting them on and taking them off is child's play, making this shoe perfect for summer. Whether loafers with a subtle pattern or with bright colors, we have something for every taste in our online store. But loafers can not only be perfectly combined with leisure outfits, but also for work we have really great models, including the trendy loafer from Fred Perry, because its narrow shape, the subtle colors and the great processing fit perfectly with the serious business look. In addition to the ultimate cool look, a perfect fit and optimal wearing comfort is very important to us, because nothing beats a perfectly fitting shoe.

If you prefer skate style, check out our Vans store and pick up a pair of the classic canvas loafers that originated in the Californian skate scene and will give you the best support for your new stunts. But our loafers don't just go well with long pants, they're also great worn barefoot with shorts on warm days. They are also absolutely recommended for the beach, because while you are swimming in the sea, you can stow your new loafers in your backpack, because they are light and space-saving. Also the vegans among you are in good hands with us, because we can also offer you some vegan models, which correspond to the vegan lifestyle 100%. By the way, vegans abstain from all animal products, i.e. dairy products, meat or even honey.

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