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Stance Socks at Schuhdealer Onlineshop

The sock label STANCE Socks was founded in California in 2010. Behind the label are not just socks... no, behind STANCE is an attitude towards life! So these wacky and screamingly colorful designs of the Californians can be found regularly on the feet of skaters like Duane Peters, Lizard King, Chris Cole or Chase Stopnik. With their cool designs and high-quality workmanship, the socks are specially made to thrill the skater's heart and every other sock fan. STANCE socks exude a certain spirit and individuality. Because where else can you get a gaudy trio instead of a boring pair of socks?

Offbeat designs where no sock resembles the other, guaranteed to be an eye-catcher. A special highlight is the Art Collection, which is also available in our online store. There, among others, the skateboarder Jason Jessee brought his ideas. He designed socks with the holy virgin of Guadelupe.

Although the robust socks survive every skate or surf day, the STANCE makers recommend the following in terms of care: Wash the socks by hand and preferably with cold water - so that the joy of color brilliance and shape will last forever. STANCE socks live longer if they are hung on the line to dry instead of being put in the dryer. In addition, the color brilliance remains consistent if you always turn the socks inside out when washing them. Avoid ironing or bleaching! But who irons their socks?! Fully on trend with wacky designs, they fit perfectly to any foot and can be found here in the Schuhdealer online store.