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HUB shoes for men and women

In 2004, the Dutch label HUB Footwear was born. Out of a desire for change in footwear, two ex-tennis pros from Holland got together to design shoes. In 2005 they were able to present their first collection on the market. "Movement is the essence" - true to this motto, the two Dutchmen live. Because especially in tennis it is important to stay active and in motion. HUB means as much as a pulsating place in a metropolis. The idea here was to view the metropolis as a collection of networked nodes - English: "hubs". Hub is a place where any amount of things happen, people meet, in the park, at subway stations or eat sushi in a bar.

The idea of Huub van Boeckel and Tim Rompa was to design a shoe with a sporty outsole and a fashionable look. A shoe that is still in short supply on the market. Van Boeckel himself, he says, wore tennis shoes almost exclusively his whole life. So it was no wonder that HUB-Footwear's first design took this direction, building on the design of a 1970 tennis shoe. With their classic sporty design, HUB shoes are the perfect footwear for men and women. The shoes are chic and functional at the same time. In our shoe dealer online store, the Dutch shoe brand can be found in many refreshing colors. Whether in genuine leather or canvas, through the processing of a wide variety of materials at HUB, everyone will find the right shoe for themselves. HUB is characterized by excellent wearing comfort, this is paired with fashionable elements, without achieving an exaggerated effect. By keeping a close eye on the lifestyle flair at said hubs, new features are always incorporated when designing the HUB collections. Creative shoes for creative people. In Germany and the Netherlands, the HUB Footwear collection is already a permanent (b)renner. So click into our brand store and join in! For the big city life of the girls and guys there is certainly something.