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Ragwear clothing for men and women

The company history of Ragwear is presented by the label itself quite modest and sober. It is simply pointed out that Ragwear was founded in 1997 in the spa town of Wiesbaden by Holger Brodkorb, who was inspired by the skateboarding scene at the time and decided to make better, more functional and stylish clothes. And then many other things happened and nowadays the company Ragwear sits in Prague and makes clothes. Pleasant to find a label, which does not distinguish itself by impressive background stories, but fully focuses on the here and now.

And if Ragwear doesn't want to explain itself, we can do that without further ado. So, as already written, Ragwear was founded in 1997, primarily to provide an individual, equal competitor to the big US companies. In the beginning, Ragwear was a small skate company, but it quickly expanded and became a more than hip manufacturer of street fashion, which is becoming more and more popular in Europe, Russia and America. After several years of bringing consistently stylish clothes to the market, Ragwear can now be said to have reached the top of the fashion Olympus.

The clothes from the house of Ragwear are highly functional and are made from the best fabrics. The slogan "to fit from the first day on" is insanely well implemented by Ragwear, which makes the label look very authentic. All products, whether for women or men, correspond to the pulse of time, which is also due to the fact that Ragwear collaborates with quite a few artists worldwide, who let their ideas and creativity flow into the products. Everything else that makes up the Ragwear brand is based on passion, respect and curiosity. As for the company's philosophy, Ragwear says only this much: they deliver the clothes, what matters is what you do while wearing them. In any case, we find the attitude of Ragwear ultra cool and are therefore even more pleased to be able to offer the collections in the Schuhdealer online store.

The brand brings new innovative styles to the market season after season without losing the recognition value. In addition to the amazing fashion variety, classics have been reissued again and again over the years through the variation of fabrics and colors. Ragwear jackets and pants are hardly to be excluded from the streetwear segment and the shirts, whether short-sleeved or long-sleeved, convince with stylish prints, classic or modern cuts and decidedly high-quality material. A T-shirt from Ragwear is like a second skin, soft and cuddly. But also summer dresses or accessories can be admired and purchased from us. Another plus: Ragwear clothing is awarded with the PETA certificate "approved vegan" - so no animal products were used for the production. So take a look at our online store and have the label's products delivered to your door.