Shoe encyclopedia

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In the shoe dictionary of Schuhdealer you will learn everything about shoes! We explain terms of the shoe world, such as insole or lyra perforation, and give you an overview of the different shoe types and designations. If you've ever wondered what alpargatas or espadrilles actually are, you'll find them in the shoe encyclopedia, but timeless shoe types like brogues and Budapesters are also explained here. You will find them briefly and concisely described and sorted by letter, so you can always keep track. Also included are shoe types such as Chelsea boots, flip-flops, walking shoes or toe shoes. Classics like sneakers, sandals and boots are also described in the shoe encyclopedia, but you can also find out about fivefingers, wedges or zero drop. We have also collected and briefly summarized interesting facts about vegan shoes and sustainable shoes. In the shoe encyclopedia of Schuhdealer you can look at the ABC of shoes and expand your knowledge about shoes. With numerous terms and descriptions from A for evening shoes to Z for midsole, you are well informed and can then choose the right pair of shoes. Are you looking for ankle boots, slippers or running shoes? Then you can take your time to look around the Schuhdealer store and store for new shoes to your heart's content. We wish you a lot of fun!