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Collonil shoe care at Schuhdealer

THE brand for shoe care products has long been distributed worldwide, but still stands for a quality product "Made in Germany". A stamp that is perceived especially abroad, but also by the Germans themselves, as a sign of quality and reliability of the product. When state-of-the-art technologies and carefully selected raw materials are used in production, the product delivers what it promises. In 1918, Karl Esslen founded Esslen & Co GmbH in Berlin together with the brothers Paul and Walter Salzenbrodt, thus creating the COLLONIL brand. Despite hard times during World War I, the company's leather and textile care business proved to be particularly viable. They quickly broadened their repertoire in shoe care.

As Berlin became too crowded for Esslen and the Salzenbrodt brothers, they expanded to a large property in Mühlenbeck, a small town east of Berlin at the time. In the early 1930s, a branch was opened in Vienna, where products for mountaineering and skiing were produced. Unfortunately, Paul Salzenbrod died unexpectedly in 1935, leaving a big gap in the company. In the turmoil of the Second World War, the company was only able to continue production under the strictest of conditions. At least the two factories were spared the hail of Allied bombs. After the war, Germany was divided among the victorious powers. The company was located in the Russian part of Germany, later the GDR, and was to be nationalized. In order to avoid this, Walter Salzenbrodt decided to move the company to the south of Berlin.

In the post-war period, people began to take more interest in fashion again and the COLLONIL business flourished. In the 1950s, the demand for shoe care products increased abroad, and COLLONIL's sophisticated cleaning, protection and care product line was able to make a name for itself worldwide. Walter Salzenbrodt, who was getting on in years, finally handed over the management of the company to younger members of his family. After that, the company also moved one last time, to Berlin Wittenau, where it is still located today. The Viennese company also moved in 1958, expanding its headquarters in the process. Walter Salzenbrodt passed away at the beginning of the 1960s. In 1972, the subsidiaries COLLONIL France and COLLONIL Danmark were founded. Also in the 70's a completely new product came on the market. The COLLONIL self-shine for application with a sponge completely eclipsed cloth or brush and became a bestseller. At the end of the 90's, the company took care of enriching the Chinese market with care products as well. In 1998 Frank Becker took over the management of COLLONIL. In 2001, the introduction of the COLLONIL Premium line was very well received by the leather goods trade. Shortly thereafter, the Car Care Set, care for car leather, was introduced to the market. In 2003, a care series for motorcycle clothing followed. In 2006, the company expanded its range to include insoles, shoe trees and care products. The Nanotech series became another bestseller. In 2009, the brand celebrated its 100th anniversary and launched the noble line COLLONIL 1909. As a supplement to our shoe assortment, we offer you the products in our Schuhdealer online store.