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Shoe care

Shoe care - by no means old-fashioned

In almost all of Germany, it is customary that on December 6, freshly cleaned shoes are placed in front of the door, so that then St. Nicholas can fill the shoes richly with sweets. What is gladly done in child days at least in the cold winter, can become later an annoying work. But the care and cleanliness of the worn shoes says a lot about the character of the wearer, at least that's what our grandfathers told us. But shoe care in the 21st century is easier than you think. With the right care products from the Collonil company, shoes can be cared for in no time at all.

If dirt and mud adorn the new sneakers, then this can be removed with a damp cloth or, if heavily soiled, with a brush. A wet shoe should never be dried on the heater or in direct sunlight. The much too warm and dry air can cause cracks in the leather. You should also stuff a wet sneaker, for example from adidas Originals, with newspaper. On the one hand, because this absorbs the moisture inside the shoe faster and thus supports the drying process. On the other hand, a sneaker stuffed with paper is more likely to retain its shape.

Once the shoe has dried, if it's leather, you can slather it with shoe polish. Leather needs nourishment for longer life so it doesn't crack and break. That's where conventional shoe polish is just the thing, it cares for and protects the shoe at the same time. If the sneaker is made of suede or a material mix, then you clean it just like a leather shoe and then you process it with color-neutral shoe cream or you use appropriate sprays so that the shoe stays alive longer. Here, care sprays and waterproofing sprays are more suitable. If you wear fabric shoes, you can also simply put them through a gentle wash cycle in the washing machine. Please refrain from spinning and use mild detergent. To dry, do not put fabric shoes in the sun, but let them dry slowly at room temperature.

If you are looking for warm insoles in winter, Collonil also has a wide range of different soles to offer, here is the right piece for every shoe. No matter which shoes you prefer, shoe care is necessary to extend the durability and well-groomed appearance. In the Schuhdealer online store you can also find high-quality shoe care products from other brands, such as Meindl or Jason Markk. So your sneakers are always well maintained.