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Salewa outdoor shoes at Schuhdealer Onlineshop

Salewa today stands for innovation in outdoor and mountain sports and is Europe's leading mountain sports multispecialist. In addition to high-quality clothing for outdoor activities, Salewa also offers outdoor shoes and equipment for various outdoor sports. The company Salewa can look back on a success story of more than 80 years. In 1935, Josef Liebhart, then director of the Munich Sattler- und Tapezierer-Einkaufsgenossenschaft, founded a subsidiary for SAttel- und LEder-WAren.

Photo bags and hazelnut ski poles were the mainstays of sales in the post-war period. In 1955, the Salewa company developed the legendary ANDEN backpack to support Hermann Huber's expedition to the Andes. Today, the traditional label belongs to the Oberalp Group and is based in Bolzano. When Salewa established a branch in Boulder (USA) in 2007 to better serve the North American market, it was an important step for Europe's leading mountain sports specialist. SALEWA stores have also been opened in other countries, such as Korea. Korea represents the most important outdoor market on the Asian continent.

When developing new products, Salewa works with experienced alpinists to develop products such as backpacks, hiking boots, clothing and climbing equipment that meet the highest quality standards. The Salewa brand has also been developing footwear for mountaineering and leisure since 2005. The shoes produced by Salewa promise quality workmanship, comfort, reliability and durability - made for missions in the great outdoors, to withstand different weather conditions. In Schuhdealer online store you can find Salewa shoes, with which you are always good on your feet outdoors!