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Levi's fashion at Schuhdealer online shop

Levi Strauss & Co. can look back on a long success story and continues to celebrate global success today. In 1873, Levi Strauss and his partner Jacob Davis filed a patent for the first riveted work trousers for men made of denim. Denim is a very strong and coarse cotton fabric with a twill weave, and the rivets reinforced the problem areas of the pants, making them more robust. This is how the first blue jeans were born. In 1930, the first women's jeans were then included in the production and presented to the ladies as Lady Levis. Since the company is still owned by descendants of the founders of the company, Levi's is one of the few private companies of this size that operate worldwide. Today, the company primarily produces casual and streetwear.

Many people associate the label Levi's with the American lifestyle. Levi's pants are timeless and yet always an absolute hit. Since jeans are worn in all age groups and by both sexes, the label offers us a true range of the most diverse models and washes. Recognition feature of the company, who does not know it, is the so-called "Red Tab". Since 1936, the red flag is discreetly attached to the edge of the back pocket of the pants and is thus intended to distinguish itself from other market-flooding offers of jeans pants.

You will find a large selection of men's as well as women's pants in our Levi's brand store for online shopping. But the brand doesn't just have pants up its sleeve for us, no, you're also absolutely up to date with the streetwear collection. In this case, the black flags on the bag are name-giving. This collection was developed primarily for the skater scene in Europe and is offered for sale in selected stores since September 2011. Of course, you can also find the extraordinary collections in our Schuhdealer online store, models such as Skinny or Standard Fit stand out due to reinforced rivets and seams in particularly critical places and are thus up to any sporting challenge. Today, Levi's not only produces jeans, but also chinos made of pleasantly light twill fabric in a wide range of colors. We offer you tight models but also casual pants, because no wishes should remain open.