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Ladies loafers

Loafers for women - the perfect casual shoes

Whether for men or women, loafers simply look great on everyone. The good thing about them is that you can simply slip in, because zippers or Velcro fasteners have no place there, just like laces. The loafer is something for every day and can be combined with many things. The most famous model among them is probably the Vans Slip-on, which is firmly associated with the Californian skater scene and should probably know every shoe or skate fan! With the elastic seams, the shoe fits perfectly to your foot and prevents you from slipping out during your latest stunts.

In the past, loafers were only worn at home as slippers, but some time ago the loafer finally made it outside. Combined with a cool skirt or shorts, you can wear them both on the beach and while strolling around the city, perfectly highlighting your look. A loafer is, unlike a sneaker, very light and fits easily into any bag.

In our online store you can not only buy the latest trends, but also do something good with them: When you buy a pair of TOMS shoes, the company donates the same pair to children in need from Mongolia, Zambia or Cambodia. A good cause that we also support! Our slip-ons are not only totally chic, but some of them are also made for the vegan lifestyle. Vegans do not use any animal products, be it meat, eggs, honey or leather and therefore also pay attention to a vegan composition of their shoe. With us, this is no problem, because the selection is large and so you will also find a suitable model.

The loafer is a perfect casual shoe that impresses us with its comfort and versatility. In addition to the playful adidas loafer for summer, which you can also wear barefoot like the equally coveted ballerinas, brands such as Lacoste provide us with sportier versions of the loafer! Also with our stylish models from La Strada you are always dressed right, because the romantic designs and decorative stitching give these shoes the ultimate summer look!

Just take a look at our online store and convince yourself of the variety of our loafers!