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Scholl sandals for the best comfort

"Looks good and does good" - this slogan was at the very beginning of the history of today's popular Scholl sandals, which still stand for maximum comfort and healthy feet more than 100 years after the company was founded. Shoemaker and orthopedist Dr. William Mathias Scholl founded the company in Chicago in 1907 and began designing new types of insoles in the 1940s, which soon became bestsellers.

However, his big breakthrough came in 1959 with his ergonomically shaped wooden sandal Pescura, which became the trademark of the rebellious Woodstock and Flower Power generation. In the meantime, the hippie movement has come of age, but not so the Scholl sandals. The iconic slippers from Scholl and other health brands like Birkenstock have undergone an incredible image transformation in recent years and are now worn not only by eco-fans, but also by celebrity trendsetters around the globe. No wonder, because the practical, feather-light and super-comfortable sandals, mules and clogs not only pamper the feet with their high-quality natural materials and ergonomic designs, but also have so much to offer visually: whether stylish prints, shiny patent leather or metallic effects, there is guaranteed to be something here for every taste. Despite all the fashionable refinements, at Scholl everything revolves first and foremost around the ultimate well-being of your feet. Among other things, this is ensured by the innovative Scholl Bioprint technology. It features an anatomically shaped sole made of natural cork and rubber, which supports the correct biomechanical function of the foot and thus also improves posture. In addition, it is extremely flexible, almost non-deformable and now also comes with brand new, fashionable heel shapes. Just check out our diverse range of Scholl sandals at and see for yourself that healthy feet can be really trendy.