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Purses - fashionable accessories for our money.

Often referred to as a purse or wallet, the wallet is indispensable today. Sure, some men still carry their money around loosely in their pants pockets, but that's pretty rare. In the Middle Ages, by the way, people still carried their money in small leather pouches, the so-called money cats, which were attached to a belt. But even for many women, the purse is not only for storing hard cash, credit cards or business cards. No, it has become, above all, a fashion accessory. You want to pull out a uniquely beautiful and stylish wallet at the checkout? Then Schuhdealer.de is the right place for you! We offer you a huge selection of fashionable chic wallets of major brand companies.

Wallets for men and women

A typical wallet usually contains an open compartment for bills and one for coins, which is often equipped with a zipper. Purses for women are usually a little larger and more elongated cut, but those for men are more square and compact design. Brands like Carhartt WIP offer us noble wallets made of genuine leather, which have a long warranty to show us. But the company also presents us with fabric wallets in a variety of colors in their new collections. Dakine shows us equally stylish pieces with unique prints and great workmanship suitable for any outfit. On many of our models are also small embroideries or patches attached, which still beautify the complete image. Maybe you also want the matching bag to your new purse? Then take a look at our category for bags & backpacks.