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Fred Perry

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The former world champion in table tennis Fred Perry was an exceptional talent not only in table tennis and tennis. At the age of 20, Fred got a tennis racket from his father and discovered his passion for this sport from the very first minute. In the same year young Fred Perry managed to qualify for the famous Wimbledon tournament. Perry won the tournament as early as 1934, turning the tennis world upside down. Fred Perry, the "simple working class kid" won the most legendary tennis tournament in the world out of nowhere. His victory was not celebrated like older tennis stars, his Wimbledon club tie was simply thrown to him in the locker room. In the years that followed, Fred Perry was able to repeat his victories, something no one else had been able to do until then. Until 1947, he traveled all over the world and successfully participated in various tournaments.

Until then, the tennis players wore green polo shirts of the army, but this did not suit Perry and therefore sponsored white polo shirts, which he decorated with the typical wreath - the label Fred Perry was born. From this point on, the sale of the polo shirts ran as if by itself, even the arrogant high society of England was interested in Fred Perry's products. When the Queen asked Fred Perry what was so special about his shirts, he replied, "Your Highness, my shirts fit!". Until today, the product range has been expanded by quite a bit, meanwhile not only polo shirts are among the best sellers, but also hip sneakers are among them. The shoes of Fred Perry are made of high quality and the designs are never obtrusive, but are good to wear for men and for women. In our Fred Perry brand store you will find well sorted and extra placed the hottest shoe trends of the Fred Perry brand. Since the label also brings vegan shoes on the market, you will of course also find them in our online store.