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Baabuk sheep wool sneaker

Cold feet are an annoying problem, which is not only a problem in winter. Fortunately, rescue is now at hand: a young Swiss label with the melodious name Baabuk has set itself the ambitious goal of producing warm shoes from natural sheep's wool - and doing so in an ecologically sustainable and ethically fair manner. Modeled after the Siberian Valenki boots, Baabuk's stylish sneakers, slippers and boots are hand-felted in one piece according to ancient tradition. The small start-up was founded in 2013 by Galina and Dan Witting, two likeable Swiss expatriates and passionate wool fans. Just four years later, Baabuk's innovative wool felt boots won the ISPO Gold Award in the outdoor category.

Each pair of Baabuk shoes is lovingly produced by hand from natural and recycled materials in numerous individual steps. Traditionally, only three components are used: pure sheep's wool, water and mild soap. Due to the elaborate felting technique, the upper shoe has no disturbing seams, so you can easily wear the comfortable slippers and sneakers from Baabuk without socks. Finally, the shoe is brushed and hammered, which makes it particularly durable and water-repellent. The sheep's wool used also offers numerous advantages over synthetic fibers: it is not only pleasantly soft and toasty warm, but also breathable, antibacterial and odor-inhibiting. This particularly durable and lightweight natural fiber also has a temperature-balancing effect: it keeps feet warm in winter and cool in summer. So it's no wonder that the casual Baabuk sneakers and Urban Wooler are hard to beat when it comes to comfort. The longer you wear them, the more comfortable they become, as the shoe shape naturally adapts to the individual foot shape over time. Visually, they combine the traditional Russian valenki look with colorful details and modern designs that make them absolutely street style-ready. In the Schuhdealer online store you can find different models for men and women, which convince with their high wearing comfort.

Environmental protection, sustainability and fairness play a particularly important role at Baabuk. The Swiss start-up is one of the few labels in Europe whose products bear the B Corporation seal. This seal of quality recognizes brands that voluntarily commit to upholding strict social and ecological standards. For example, the virgin wool for the Baabuk sneakers and Urban Wooler comes from sheep in the Serra de Estrela Natural Park in Portugal and is processed in a traditional wool mill in Manteigas. In a small workshop in Nepal, which the Wittings built from scratch, the Baabuk slippers are created. Only pure sheep's wool from environmentally friendly production in New Zealand is used in their manufacture. The Baabuk employees in the workshops benefit from fair wages and good working conditions, which are based on Swiss standards.

Eco-friendly, comfortable and stylish - Baabuk's innovative footwear leaves absolutely nothing to be desired. With the highest level of quality and comfort, these lightweight and versatile sneakers, boots and slippers will delight even the most demanding feet. Slip in and feel good!