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Kamik children's shoes for adventures in nature.

Strong. Reliable. Resilient... these are children's shoes from Kamik. The Canadian company Kamik manufactures shoes that can be traced back to its northern roots. The experience in shoe production goes back to 1898, this experience greatly benefits the quality and resilience of Kamik children's shoes. Kamik shoes keep your feet dry and warm, whether it's rainy weather in the summer or freezing temperatures and snowstorms in the winter.

The brand is strongly influenced by the north of Canada, which is best seen in the logo of Kamik. It consists of a whale bone, which symbolizes protection. This bone lies over a so-called. "Inukshuk", which are used by the Inuit as landmarks made of stone. These inukshuks have existed for centuries: they are like lighthouses in the Arctic, they are signposts and signs of a safe path. Children also have that safe path in shoes from Kamik. Always dry, always warm, always comfortable.

When you look at today's highly functional and modern shoe models from Kamik, it's hard to believe that this shoe manufacturer can look back on a really long tradition. Back in 1932, the story began with a man named William Cook, who bought the company "Charron Manufacturing". In the midst of the Great Depression, he did not bury his head in the sand, but put all his eggs in one basket and concentrated on the production of shoes. In doing so, he saved 200 jobs and laid the foundation for "Genfoot", the parent company of Kamik, which remains a family business to this day. Generations have changed, but not the company's focus: modern and high-quality outdoor footwear for the whole world, with the ambition to keep improving the footwear. In the production of Kamik shoes, attention is paid to quality, warmth, comfort and durability. The Kamik company follows a wonderfully sustainable thought in the production, always aiming to keep the ecological footprint as small as possible. This is ensured above all with the largely local production in North America. Shipping distances to the customer are shorter.

Sustainability is a priority, and that's why the way Kamik shoes are made was radically changed a few years ago. This resulted in improved footwear and less impact on the environment. Today, the injection molding plant does not use energy from fossil fuels, but from hydropower. The machines are cooled with recycled rainwater, which means an annual water saving of the capacity of 15 Olympic-size swimming pools. In addition, 100% of the production waste from boots is recycled and reused to make new ones. And because the production facilities are lit with energy-saving lamps, 157.16 kWh can be saved annually. The inner shoes and lining of Kamik children's shoes are made from recycled water bottles. And when new materials are invented for shoe production, the ecological thought is also in the foreground, in addition to the quality and functionality.

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