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Always well protected with gloves

In Schuhdealer online store you can expect a wide range of different models and unique collections. Our gloves are not only a must in winter, but we also offer you a certain selection of sporty models that you can wear for skating or cycling. With padding in the right places, hands and joints are relieved and thus the whole body is protected. Brands like Barts impress here as always with insanely good quality and perfect workmanship. Esperando, on the other hand, comes up trumps with bold colors and simple basics that you can wear with any outfit. No matter for what occasion, our accessories always go. So hurry up and get your hands on some of the latest pieces.

The glove is a piece of clothing that covers the hand completely or partially. Gloves are mainly worn to protect against environmental influences, such as cold, snow and as work protection against harmful influences. Since the hand is our most important working tool, gloves should provide protection and functionality. Today, however, mostly the fashion aspect plays a role and so we have compiled a wide selection of branded gloves for you. Take a look at and stock up.