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TOMS shoes for men and women

One for One® - With every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need.

The story of TOMS actually began not with a shoe, but even without shoes, when Blake Mycoskie traveled through Argentina in 2006. There, he saw children suffering from not having shoes. His solution to the problem was simple, yet also revolutionary. He wanted to create a for-profit business that was sustainable and didn't rely on donations.

This vision formed the basis for the creation of TOMS. Over 90 million pairs of shoes have now been distributed to needy children in more than 60 countries. Over the years, people's support has made it possible to distribute different shoes depending on the terrain and season. And jobs have also been created by producing the shoes right in the countries where they will eventually be given to the children. The shoes themselves prevent injuries and infections and diseases caught through cuts. Healthy children can go to school and their immune systems are strong enough to fight off minor illnesses themselves. In some countries, shoes are a requirement to attend school. Only if children are given the opportunity to receive education can poverty be reduced in the long term. But children's self-confidence also increases. TOMS works with more than 75 partners. These partners give the shoes to the children as part of ongoing programs. These programs include health checks/preventive care, distribution of medicine and vaccines, microfinance programs, school support and vocational training for youth. Strategies are developed to accomplish the goals together while respecting the cultures of the countries in which the partners work. Then the "Giving Partners" place the order according to how many shoes, what sizes and what types of shoes are needed.

In addition, the TOMS brand is committed to ensuring that children get new shoes again once they have outgrown their shoes. The shoes are, of course, new and are meant for school and play. The sizes range from shoes for toddlers to shoes for teenagers. The classic model in black is for both sexes, but there are also different colors. The sports shoes, for example, are distributed by partners involved in programs against childhood obesity. And the winter shoes go to children in regions with cold climates, such as the United States, Eastern Europe and Central America. Thus, the shoes are handed out where they will have the greatest impact. Made in China, Ethiopia and Argentina from sustainable materials such as natural hemp, organic cotton and recycled polyester, TOMS shoes are also available in vegan versions. The shoe boxes are produced from 80% recycled material and printed with soy ink.

Here at Schuhdealer Onlineshop you will not only find the TOMS Classics for men and women, which remind us of the original Alpargata shoes with their layered design. Here you can also discover a wide selection of sandals and sneakers. But we also have fashionable winter shoes and boots in our assortment at So check it out right now and get the latest TOMS models!