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Mens sandal

Men's sandals - Stylish, airy and functional.

The sandal is one of the oldest shoe forms in the world, because already 3000 before Christ people wore bast sandals, which were made of tree bark. The original form of our today's flip flop was already worn in ancient Egypt and in ancient Rome strappy sandals were all the rage anyway. However, in later times it was not appreciated to walk around with mostly bare feet. For this reason, socks had to be pulled into the sandals - a questionable trend that unfortunately still appears today in combination with ultra-short jean shorts.

When summer comes, no man wants to torture himself in warm sneakers. So shorts and T-shirts are again sought out from the back of the closet, but there are still missing the matching sandals! But that's what we are here for, because we have a large selection of stylish thong sandals, which are currently totally on trend. With chic flip flops you can do just about anything. Whether it's school, university or a visit to the ice cream parlor, the flip flop is always there to give fresh air to your heated feet. In addition to the practical features of the sandal, it is also absolutely stylish, so are our casual sandals. During our brand selection, we always pay attention to very good quality, optimal comfort and affordable prices. That is why Birkenstock is also part of our wide range of products. The German brand has made a name for itself especially with its ergonomically shaped footbed made of natural cork, which will comfortably accompany you through the day. Sandals are also suitable companions for the beach and function as bathing shoes at the same time. The classic, well-known adilette from adidas is therefore also available in the Schuhdealer online store.

Take a look around - in our online store you will surely find the perfect sandal for the summer.