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The ideal companion to casual wear and sportswear.

Gant is a brand that has made a name for itself worldwide, especially for its high-quality shirts. The American company was founded in 1949 by Bernard Gantmacher, who came to New York from Ukraine at the age of 17. After gaining experience as a collar cutter in the textile industry and earning a college degree, nothing stood in the way of his own shirt tailoring business. With a partner, he initially founded the Par-Ex Shirt Company after World War II as a subcontracting business for large companies. The convincing quality and increasing demand for the shirts moved him to found Gant together with his wife and two sons in 1949.

Shirts of the Gant brand have always stood for particularly high quality, of which customers were also completely convinced. Especially the American Sportswear and the Ivy League were strongly influenced by Gant shirts and the further developed button-down shirt contributed significantly to the success story. To date, the high-quality collection has been expanded to include shoes, watches, eyewear and other accessories. We at Schuhdealer are happy to present you high quality Gant shoes, which are the ideal companion to casual wear and sportswear. For women, Gant designs shoes that inspire especially with their simple elegance and feminine details. Sporty styles, high-quality materials and fashionable accents make Gant sneakers an absolute favorite and a real combination wonder. Because Gant shoes for women you can wear with a dress or skirt, but also great to combine with shorts or jeans. Gant sneakers for men with their sporty casual look are also perfect with jeans, chinos or shorts and underline your style in an elegant way. Especially those of you who like to dress in preppy style are at the right address at Gant. So take a look around the Schuhdealer store right now and discover the high-quality Gant shoes for men and women!