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Mens outdoor shoes

Men's outdoor shoes - the most robust among the shoes

For those who are active outdoors, the shoe is an essential part of the equipment. To be able to move reasonably in the terrain, there have been outdoor shoes and hiking boots on the market for many years. By definition, outdoor shoes are special shoes that are mainly suitable for hiking, light mountaineering and also other locomotion in nature. The technologies with which outdoor shoes are made and also the materials used have made enormous progress in recent years. Particularly noteworthy are the processed membranes that regulate the breathability of the shoe.

Ankle-high outdoor shoes provide the most support during hikes and demanding tours. Flat models are very popular for easier hikes in low mountain ranges. Outdoor shoes are divided into different categories depending on the manufacturer. The company Lowa divides the outdoor shoes into classes 1 to 5, where five is the light hiking boot and one is the firm mountain boot for high mountains. But one thing almost all have in common is that the sole is equipped with scree protection and is so stable that stones and roots do not push through. Outdoor shoes, like running shoes, are divided into men's and women's models, the main difference is the fit and, of course, the design.

Buying guide for outdoor shoes

To buy outdoor shoes, it is best to set out in the afternoon, as the feet are then well supplied with blood and somewhat thicker. Always try on outdoor shoes with a thick sock, which is then also put on later during the hike. Since the foot pushes forward when hiking downhill, there should be about 1 centimeter of space in front of the toes. In addition to the fit and weight of the shoe, it is also very important that the selected shoe is test worn for at least fifteen minutes before deciding to buy. A short sprint and jerky braking provide information about how the shoe behaves under such loads. Then, while standing on the toes, it should be checked whether the shoe sits firmly on the heel and provides support at the ankle and midfoot. In squats, you can get a feel for whether the shoe is comfortable in the front position. And one thing is essential: shoes need to be broken in before longer hikes.

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