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Ladies sandal

Ladies sandals - the ideal summer shoes

The summer is gradually arriving at our place, the T-shirts and shorts are rummaged out of the closet, but there is still something missing, right? Yes, the right sandals! Finally, a woman can show her feet again, including new nail polish, which have been trapped in lined boots for so long. When it's over 30°C, there's nothing better than giving your feet a bit of fresh air and eating a delicious ice cream sundae on the side!

A sandal is a Greek term meaning "strappy shoe" and is one of the oldest forms of footwear in the world. It should be casual and chic, with little heel and designed according to the latest trends - a shoe that can be worn every day. Whether you choose casual sandals from Keen, which impress with great colors, or Birkenstock sandals with adjustable straps, with which you will be an absolute eye-catcher. If you are more of a sporty type, don't worry, we also have the right brand for you: sandals from Teva! These trendy pieces you can wear every day, but also confidently take with you to the pool. When choosing our brands, we always pay attention to super quality, a comfortable footbed and a fair price.

But sandals are no longer just something for beach vacations, due to the variety of possible combinations, they are also increasingly suitable for long party nights, because they loosen up any outfit, be it with a dress, skirt or shorts. Even in spring you can already get new sandals, because combined with long pants you do not have to freeze, but still already shows that you are totally set for summer. Also the sandals from Scholl and Tamaris are a great eye-catcher, which will surely convince you as well as us. Take a look at our online store right now, you're guaranteed to find what you're looking for!