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Victoria Sneaker at Schuhdealer Onlineshop

Victoria Footwear has been around longer than most would suspect. In 1915, the company was founded in a small town called La Rioja in Spain. At Schuhdealer Onlineshop you can find different models of the Spanish brand. Whether the trendy sneakers with platform or the loafers made of high-quality canvas, Victoria has something suitable for every woman. A sporty elegant look, that's what makes the label. The founder Gregorio had the idea to design a shoe for his wife, which should bear her name: Victoria. In the 70s and 80s canvas shoes got a great importance in terms of Spanish fashion.

Inexpensive and yet of high quality - that's Victoria. The shoes impress with their clean look and can thus be combined with a dress, jeans or even shorts. Whether classic with lacing or as a slip-on to slip in quickly, Victoria shoes can be found in any design in our online store. In the new collections Victoria now also relies on vegan materials and inspires not only people who live vegan.