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Lowa shoes in Schuhdealer online shop

In 1923, the foundation stone was laid for the founding of the company LOWA. Lorenz Wagner founded the company in the Bavarian town of Jetzendorf near Munich and began producing oatmeal shoes. The high quality of the "Zwiegenähten" - a type of production from the mountains - made it necessary to expand the company at the end of the twenties. When the Korean crisis began in 1949/50, material prices also increased by about 50%. In order to be able to work at all, the company LOWA bought material very expensively. When prices fell again and outstanding invoices became due, the company was insolvent overnight.

When Lorenz Wagner died in 1953, the second generation took over the company in 1955. Wagner's daughter and her husband Sepp Lederer entered plastics technology in 1970, conquering a new market for the production of LOWA footwear. One of the first polyurethane injection machines was put into operation in 1970. Thus, the first vulcanized sole could be produced. It gives the wearer of hiking boots 100% moisture protection, cold insulation and dimensional stability. In 1977 the company expanded and built two new factories in Jetzendorf. The one-room workshop thus became a factory site with almost 6000m².

In 1982 the first model of hiking boots "Trekker" came on the market and founded the birth of trekking boots from the house of LOWA. In 1988 Sepp Lederer handed over the management to his son and thus to the third generation. He developed the Street Trekker, a further development of the Trekker hiking boot model. In 1993, the Italian group TECNICA, to which Dolomite, Nordica or Rollerblade also belong, took over the company. With the takeover also came some changes, so from now on the LOWA ski boots were manufactured in the parent company in Italy. Trekking and hiking boots, however, continue to be manufactured in Jetzendorf. Also, the headquarters of the management as well as the area of research and development remain in Germany. In 1995, the company began to introduce lightweight shoes, which correspond to today's multifunctional line ATC. In 2003, LOWA celebrated its 80th anniversary. The company continues to be committed to the rural production site of Jetzendorf and remains a traditional shoe manufacturer. In 2010, it achieved a long-held milestone of selling more than 2 million pairs of shoes in one year. LOWA offers perfect equipment for all the adventures you aspire to. We trust in LOWA shoes! Men, women and also children will find an exquisite selection of hiking boots of the label LOWA in our online store.