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Ladies vests

Ladies vests - timeless clothing for the woman of today.

Initially worn only by men, the vest was originally a sleeveless, usually buttoned jacket that was often combined with a shirt. Since the hippie movement of the sixties, the vest made of denim, fur or leather fringe has also crowned women's outfits. Apart from outdoor fashion inspired vests, the vest for ladies today has more of a decorative character. Through colorful designs, materials and cuts, the good pieces are so varied that you have trouble deciding on one. The vest quickly conjures up a feminine silhouette and simply dresses every woman sensationally well. We have put together a great selection of high-quality brand vests for you. So check out the Schuhdealer online store and get your hands on the hot pieces.

Vests in all possible designs to discover

Whether for a job interview, in the office or for the date in the evening, they can be worn perfectly over T-shirts, tops, sweaters or blouses and simply make every outfit the eye-catcher par excellence. Of course, you can also wear the ladies vest in a casual leisure look and thus makes a good figure even on a Sunday walk. In addition to the visual appeal, the vest warms on colder days, but still leaves enough freedom of movement. In our online store you can discover vests in all imaginable designs. Brands like Carhartt WIP and Ragwear offer you unique color combinations and extravagant cuts made of specially selected materials. No matter which colors you prefer or which material you like, you will definitely find what you are looking for. In addition, we offer you equally versatile cuts that range from figure accentuating and feminine to concealing or casual. So every figure is optimally flattered. Order your new favorite piece in the Schuhdealer online store.