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Ladies sweaters

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The sweater was long considered incompatible with fashionable and sophisticated clothing, but established itself during the 20th century. This process was coupled with the "salonization" of sports and the reform movement of those years. Thus, as early as the 1930s, the twinset was able to establish itself in women's clothing. The turtleneck sweater became THE trademark for existentialists in the 1950s, especially in black. Especially in the intellectual circles, it then became a classic. In its light form, it has acquired its serious image over the years and can also be worn under a jacket and still be considered socially acceptable.

In connection with the ecology and alternative movement, coarsely knitted sweaters made of natural materials were worn from the 1970s to the 1980s. They were deliberately intended to appear not so serious and established. Norwegian sweaters in particular still have this eco-image today. So-called poppers, on the other hand, wore noble and finely knitted sweaters from large and well-known companies, made of the finest materials, for example, cashmere wool.

In streetwear, on the other hand, sweatshirts have dominated the scene since the 80s until today. We therefore present you a true range of selected collections of major brand companies and best quality. Take a look and let us inspire you.

Perfectly styled, no matter what season it is

The sweater has become a staple of contemporary fashion and it is impossible to imagine our closets without it. Even for the ladies today, especially as a basic, it is the garment par excellence. Ribbed cuffs at the hem and sleeve ends ensure the perfect fit and do not give you goosebumps even in colder temperatures. With the long-cut sweaters from Carhartt WIP your kidneys are well protected and the quality also leaves nothing to be desired. Other brands, such as Ragwear or Levi's, always come up with new designs to equip you in the best way. There are them with eye-catching logo prints, but also in very simple getups. The usually incorporated kangaroo pocket not only provides some storage space for small items such as your cell phone, but also warms your hands by the way. The women's sweater is an all-rounder that brings you, whether spring, summer, fall or winter, safely through each season. In our online store you can find the latest designs and the most beautiful models. Take a look and stock up.