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Palladium boots for men and women

Robust and functional footwear, which at the same time has a contemporary design, sounds quite like the tasteful collections of the shoe manufacturer Palladium. The French company can look back on a success story that dates back to 1920. The story is extremely exciting and can be found beyond the fashion industry. In the beginning, tires were produced for the still young but emerging aviation industry. After the Second World War, the economic situation in Europe changed and the company had to reorient its productions. The know-how of tire production was to be used further, which is why it was decided to produce high-quality boots and shoes. Rubber was to be an essential component here as well.

The basic idea was to produce sturdy and hard-wearing boots for workers whose feet and toes needed protection. To date, Palladium shoes have established themselves as real trend shoes. The toe of the shoe is made of rubber and can be found on very many models of shoes from the Palladium brand. Today's designs of shoes and boots are in fresh trendy colors and absolutely contemporary. Whether in the city or off-road, with Palladium shoes man and woman is ready for any occasion. The sole has a rough profile and gives a firm grip on any surface. Today, it is no longer just about a shoe being particularly robust, it must be an all-rounder par excellence: comfortable and chic, the design should be timeless, but still not out of fashion. A shoe should be simple and yet not boring - this tightrope act of contradictory requirements can be met by the label Palladium with your shoe creations. Whether a shoe made of textile material or a leather boot, the shoes of Palladium are contemporary, trendy and functional. Take a look at the online store and choose your favorite pair.