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Welcome to the online store for children's shoes

Children's shoes are not only subject to special requirements in terms of appearance, certain factors in terms of mobility and fit must also be taken into account in the production and later also in the purchase of children's shoes. Not all children's shoes for girls and boys available on the market support the healthy development of the foot. Therefore, special attention should be paid to certain points when buying.

Children wear their first shoes when they can stand firmly and take their first steps. Depending on how the child develops, this could be the case at about 12 months. For those who are just starting to walk, there are so-called baby walking shoes. It is important that they support the foot, so they are usually ankle high. A high mobility in the sole is also very important. You should therefore check whether you can fold the shoe without any problems. Especially in the first months, when the child is learning to walk, special attention should be paid to ensure that the shoe supports and promotes a healthy and natural development of the foot and the entire skeleton.

Important when buying shoes for children

Logically, the children's shoe should be purchased sufficiently large, at least 12 mm longer. If the shoe is to be bought on growth, can also be happy 17 mm clearance in front of the big toe. But it is important that the child does not lose the shoe. It should also be ensured that the shoe has the appropriate width and that there is an optimal fit in the instep area. Often you can vary the width here by means of Velcro or lacing. In addition, children's shoes should be particularly flexible and follow every movement of the foot. The more a shoe supports so-called barefoot walking, the more the natural and healthy development of the entire skeleton is promoted. To avoid putting further strain on the little ones' ankles, children's shoes should be lightweight. It is also important that the shoes do not have insoles or pads, because only in this way can promote the muscles of the foot.

Since buying shoes with children in the store can become a really nerve-wracking affair, we offer a wide selection of trendy children's shoes to store online. Simply order them conveniently at home and then try them on at your leisure. The return of unworn shoes is possible within 30 days without any problems. Fashion-conscious parents have a large selection of trendy sneakers, for example, from the brands adidas Originals or Keen in our online store for children's shoes.