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Warm scarves for every occasion

A scarf is an indispensable accessory in winter to keep the neck and neck pleasantly warm. But not all scarves are the same. In this day and age, there are the most diverse variants, for example, tube scarves, knitted scarves or even large oversize scarves. Thus, the right accessory can be found for every winter outfit. The materials also differ depending on the model and manufacturer. In the Schuhdealer online store you will find scarves from top brands like Carhartt WIP or Barts, which are stylish companions in winter.

The scarf has its origin in the clothing of the inhabitants of the city of Kashmir. In Kashmir, the wool of the Kashmir goat was used to weave rectangular and square scarves that were worn around the neck and wrapped around the head. A first mention of the shawl is found in a report from the 17th century, and in Europe the shawl came into fashion in the 18th century, made of wool and silk. Then, in the 19th century, the scarf was supplanted by the coat as a warming garment, and shrunk as an accessory to the form we see today.

We at Schuhdealer attach great importance to the best quality, so that you are well equipped in winter and do not have to freeze. So take your time to look around our online store and order the right scarf for men and women conveniently online. We wish you a lot of fun while shopping!