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K-Swiss sneakers for men and women

The company of Swiss brothers Art and Ernie Brunner has existed for over 40 years. The tennis enthusiast founders of the K-Swiss brand emigrated to the United States in 1966 and founded a shoe label called K-Swiss. Based on their passion for tennis, it was obvious that their first shoe was a leather tennis shoe. Even then, the trademark was the five stripes that were attached to the side of the shoe. These visually very good-looking elements, however, also have a functional meaning. They are supposed to give the foot more support and stability. Tennis is a movement-intensive sport and therefore requires footwear that is optimally adapted to these conditions.

Since the Brunner brothers themselves can look back on years of experience in playing tennis, they know exactly what demands this sport in particular makes on a shoe. Therefore, it is not surprising that in the same year the label was founded, 1966, the first K-Swiss tennis shoe already found its use at the world-famous tennis tournament in Wimbledon. From the "Holy Lawn", so to speak, began the triumphal procession of the K-Swiss brand. Spectators and also athletes became aware of the shoes made of leather and until today these shoes can be seen not only on the tennis courts of the world. K-Swiss sneakers have also established themselves as true heroes of the street with their trendy designs. Since the label's inception, K-Swiss shoes have stood for innovation, quality, performance and style. Today, more than 40 years later, K-Swiss shoes are still highly regarded - not only on the tennis court, but also in sporty fashion. The high-quality range of K-Swiss shoes has been continuously expanded since then and now includes not only tennis shoes but also lifestyle, running, training, water sports and free running shoes, which are popular with world-class athletes and trendsetters alike. It is precisely because of the wide selection that K-Swiss shoes have earned a place in our shoe dealer store.

In our K-Swiss brand store, women, men and children can see for themselves the diversity of the product range. And if you order today, the goods will be with you within 2-3 business days!