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Lacoste sneakers for men and women

René Lacoste (1904 - 1996) is the founder of the French sports and lifestyle brand with the biting crocodile. He became part of the French tennis legend when he won the Davis Cup in 1927 with the "Musketeers" and together with Jean Borotra, Jaques Brugnon and Henri Cochet dominated the male part of the tennis world up to and including 1930. Lacoste bet his captain Pierre Gillou that he would win the decisive match against the Australians in the Davis Cup. His prize was to be a bag made of genuine crocodile leather. Born in Paris, René Lacoste lost the match but showed ambition with a lot of bite, which earned him the headline of having fought like a crocodile. His nickname was born: "The Alligator"! Robert George then developed a small green crocodile for Lacoste, which he sewed at chest level as a kind of badge on every polo shirt and blazer.

In 1933, the cooperation between Lacoste and the largest French knitwear manufacturer Andrè Gillier began and thus entered the success story of the fashion world. But the fashion was not only well received by athletes; stars such as Dwight D. Eisenhower, Grace Kelly and Jackie Kennedy also appeared in the successful label. Shortly thereafter, a catalog was published containing leisurewear for golfers, sailors and tennis players. In 1951, the company exported to Italy, after the business had been at a standstill for some time during the war years. The shoes of Lacoste should not be despised either. In the most diverse shoe models, the little crocodile appears again and again. For example, in the Lacoste Dreyfus shoe various sailing elements were taken up, which make this shoe a sporty boat shoe. For the ladies, too, sport and elegance are paired, as for example in the Lacoste Marthe ballerina. A simple, yet hip summer shoe that simply always fits! Whether in genuine leather, faux leather or in chic canvas fabric, in our shoe dealer online store, the chic sneakers for men and women are optimally placed.