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The belt - an accessory steeped in history

A belt is a band or braid worn around the middle of the body. It serves the cohesion and better fit of our clothes, is worn for purely decorative purposes or also serves to fasten objects. From the Bronze Age, belts made of chain cords and metal links have often been found in graves. The fastener of these findings consisted of a hook. The belt buckle, on the other hand, was an innovation of the Romans. In the Middle Ages, the belt was seen and worn as a sign of strength, dominion and marital fidelity. The so-called "splendor belts" of the nobility were made of various materials such as leather, silk, velvet or brocade and also decorated with gold jewelry, glass rivers, embroidery and precious stones.

Today, the belt has become as indispensable an accessory in our closets as it was back then. We therefore offer you a wide selection of leather, imitation leather or fabric belts of renowned brand companies. Look around and find also for your middle the suitable jewelry!

THE jewelry for the golden mean

Every outfit is enhanced by a stylish belt, it is not only practical, but can be combined with everything the wardrobe has to offer. No matter if you are a man or a woman, you can't imagine jeans without a belt. You can choose from a variety of models in our store, whether wide or narrow belt, leather, fabric or braided, there is something for every taste. Brands like Carhartt WIP offer us with their unique collections and high-quality materials true eye-catchers. For the ladies, a wide waist belt brings a nice shape to slightly wider dresses or tops. Nowadays, simply no one goes out of the house without it. So take a look around and get your new favorite accessory right now at