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Superga sneakers at Schuhdealer online shop

Under the leadership of Walter Martiny, the Superga footwear company started in Turin in 1911. Walter Martiny started with the production of waterproof rubber boots and eventually expanded its repertoire to sports shoes. Eventually they began to produce shoes, which had a vulcanized rubber sole and were made of lightweight cotton material. Martiny named his company after the nearby pilgrimage church Superga. Today, the first model is still available for purchase: Superga Classic 2750 Heritage. Over 100 years old and a long tradition lie behind Superga shoes and they had one mission: to bring shoes with good quality among the Italian footwear.

This is exactly what Superga sneakers say with their slogan: Superga - People's shoes of Italy. The lightweight fabric shoes are ideal especially on warmer days. In 1934, shoes were added that were for other sports like tennis or sailing. From the 80's, Superga clothing and underwear first appeared on the market. Among the buyers of these Superga clothing were mainly France, Spain and Germany as the strongest export countries. In 2011, Steve Madden, shoe designer, got all the rights to Superga shoes, which in turn made twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen head designers of Superga in North America. At Schuhdealer online store you can find the comfortable sneakers in great colors and designs, so check them out right now!