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Men's trousers

Trendy men's pants - jeans, chinos & Co.

The time and place of the "invention" of pants is unfortunately unknown, we only know that in the early days of human history, clothing was made of animal skins and was not yet gender-specific. In the first millennium before our era, trousers were largely worn by equestrian peoples such as the Scythians and Sarmatians, but also by the Chinese or Mongols. Since the end of the Middle Ages it is a European development that the trousers became a status symbol for men and until today this is an undeniable fact. We have compiled a huge selection of high quality brand pants for you. Whether fabric pants or jeans, whether sporty, casual or stylish chic - for almost every occasion we have the right pants for you!

Individuality - there are no limits with our pants

To make the selection of the right men's pants easier, you can use the pants finder in our store. Here you can already set which color you prefer, the right size and the right cut of course! About other filter functions can be found here the perfect new pants. We offer you a rich selection of men's jeans, which are no longer to be excluded from the wardrobe as a basic item of clothing. Today, jeans are THE item of clothing par excellence for everyone. From manufacturers such as Carhartt WIP, which are famous for their long-standing quality and market existence, we have a rich selection of various colors and shapes. The brand Levi's, the original of jeans, offers you high-quality fabrics and fancy shapes. Combined with the right shirt and matching sneakers, your new pants will surely be an eye-catcher in every situation!