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Socks times differently

A stocking or sock is a garment for the foot. Usually made of textile material and in the form of a tube, which is closed to the toe. In the area of the heel, an angle is incorporated, which carries the natural transition between foot and leg. So much for the theoretical description. Socks, in addition to the warming effect, also have the function of regulating moisture and perspiration. A distinction is made between socks and socklets, also called footies or sneaker socks. Footies are those that consist of only one part, which goes from the toes to the heel just below the ankle. The sneaker socks have a slightly longer leg piece, which can also reach to the knee, and thus is called a so-called knee sock.

Fashion consciousness - also for our feet no longer an issue

Whether plain socks in black or white for the business look or squeaky colorful patterns, we have something for every taste. The label Stance even designs its socks with the help of real skate greats. Chris Cole is one of them. The brand creates real eye-catchers for our feet and uses only high-quality fabrics. But adidas socks are also real all-rounders and fit every situation in life. So for our feet only the best of the best. But no matter which design or brand you choose, the brand socks convince for years by their quality and effect on the foot. An absolute cult status still has the striped pattern today. In the Schuhdealer online store you can also discover other useful accessories. Take a look around right now!