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Ladies sneakers

Ladies sneakers - a must in every shoe closet, girls!

Trendy details, sophisticated material combinations and sporty cuts make women's sneakers. You will find a wide selection of them at From modern casual shoes to hip retro sneakers and skate sneakers, we offer a wide selection of women's sneakers. A comfortable design and a mostly flat sneaker sole make a sneaker and provide a super wearing comfort. It's no wonder that sneakers have been the number one casual shoe for years. Initially, sneakers were worn only by young people, but now the sneaker is also considered chic in the women's world and rejuvenates the outfit mostly by its casualness. A wide selection of trendy women's sneakers from different corners of the world can be found in our store and we are sure that the women's sneaker will also convince you.

Sneakers - A shoe with history

At the beginning of the 20th century, the extremely popular Keds sneakers were introduced to the market, which also caused the cash registers of shoe sellers to ring abruptly. Until 1990, the term "sneaker" was not yet known to anyone in Germany. The shoe was called a gym shoe or a sports shoe, simply after what it was. But since then, as more and more Anglicisms were doing their thing, a new, modern word was needed - the sneaker had also seen the light of day in Germany. Sneaker means "sneaker", which is probably due to the fact that the sole does not make any loud noises when walking. Today, they come in all colors and shapes, adding something special to any outfit - whether it's classic adidas sneakers, which were used at the 1928 Amsterdam Olympics, or sporty New Balance sneakers.

Sneakers are no longer just for sports, but are specially designed according to current trends for the fashion scene. Also nowadays, not only simple material is processed, but one falls back on high-quality materials, such as leather, as you can also see in our online store. Initially, there were significantly more sneakers for men, but now there is just as large a selection for women, as the designers have adapted their shoes to the female foot!

The sneaker is simply part of the modern and trendy lifestyle and hardly anyone can get around it. Due to the many colors that the brands bring into their creations every year, everyone can find their own style and individually underline their personality. Whether you are looking for flat sneakers (e.g. from Vans), a high shoe (e.g. from Lacoste and K-Swiss) or the crepe version like the sneakers from HUB, you will find it here! Our offer also includes Nike sneakers, which everyone knows and although the brand was only founded in 1972, Nike is currently the largest sporting goods manufacturer in the world.

By the way, all shoes with rubber soles are now considered sneakers, no matter what outer material the shoe is made of. The designers will be able to inspire us every year anew, because the sneaker market is growing rapidly and demands more and more creativity! If you want to convince yourself of this creativity, just browse our online store!