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Ray-Ban - THE sunglasses par excellence

Bob Dylan and Marilyn Monroe wore them, as did John F. Kennedy and James Dean, and more recently Brad Pitt and Will Smith: we're talking about Ray-Ban sunglasses. The Aviator and Wayfarer models are among the world's best-selling sunglasses of all time and have been regarded for generations as the lifestyle accessory of the extra class. But how did the brand actually come into being and how did Ray-Ban become the epitome of stylish sunglasses?

The genesis of Ray-Ban is closely linked to the history of the US Air Force. In 1929, Lieutenant General John MacCready commissioned Bausch & Lomb, a manufacturer of medical optical equipment, to design high-quality sunglasses for his pilots to protect them from the glaring sunlight during high-altitude flights. After some modifications, the developed "pilot's glasses" were launched on the market under the name Aviator - the birth of the Ray-Ban brand and the beginning of a terrific success story. In 1952, the Wayfarer followed, which became a cult object due to its presence in various Hollywood movie classics. In addition to these two classics, the traditional company today offers a wide range of timeless and trendy sunglasses that impress with high-quality materials and state-of-the-art technologies. Thus, the lenses are not only very light and extremely resistant, they also protect the eyes 100% from harmful UV radiation. The polarized models additionally block over 99% of reflected light for perfect vision without annoying glare, e.g. when driving. And when it comes to design, Ray-Ban is no match for anyone else: whether filigree or wide-framed, round or square, mirrored or tinted - the cult brand offers everything the heart of a fashion-conscious sun worshipper desires. Convince yourself and discover the brand new shades from Ray-Ban in the Schuhdealer online store. We offer a wide range of styles as well as practical accessories, trendy sneakers and stylish clothing.