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For many women, there can not be enough bags in the closet. Whether sporty chic or elegant, depending on the occasion and style, there is a huge selection on the seemingly insatiable market. With a bag you can give the current look a few extra touches and complete the everyday outfit. But men also need to bring the things of daily use, such as keys, wallet, phone and and, somehow stylish and weather-protected through the day. Here, too, our bags are particularly well suited.

No matter what you choose, by definition a bag is a container to carry items. A backpack is a bag to be carried on the back. The shoulder straps, some of which are padded, allow you to carry all sorts of things comfortably. Backpacks naturally support more of a sporty outfit and usually offer more storage space than handbags or shoulder bags. In the Schuhdealer online store we offer bags of different brands like Carhartt WIP or Incase. If you order a pair of new shoes, you should immediately see if you can find a suitable bag. Here in our store you can order everything comfortably and get it delivered to your home within 24 hours.