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Men's shirts - The second skin as a garment

The word shirt comes from the Old High German word Hemedi, which means skin. The second skin, considered as a garment, can look back on a long history. In the years one thousand before Christ, it was still a simple shirt, reaching to the ground, without buttons. However, it has evolved over the centuries, so that in the Middle Ages it was equipped with interchangeable collars and mostly worn only as an undershirt. Then, for the first time in the 18th century, shirts were also worn as dress shirts, and then, in the early 20th century, shirts finally appeared for the very first time in their current form, with a button placket along the front. The men's shirt with a fixed collar established itself and has a firm place on the market to this day. Of course, we also offer you the most beautiful parts for going out, job interview or even for studying in our online store.

Shirts - perfect in every situation

It is impossible to imagine the fashion world without the shirt and differs mainly from the fabrics used, as well as cut and design of the collar shape. Gottfried Keller already recognized at that time: Clothes make the man. Stylish shirts can make the small but subtle difference between job or study. But also in other situations in life, the right shirt, combined with the right outfit, can make an impeccable impression. You never know when you'll meet the right girl or when your in-laws will knock on the door. So who doesn't want to be perfectly styled all the time? We offer you a huge selection of selected shirts that only surpass each other in quality. Brands like Carhartt WIP bring out great collections that are absolute frontrunners, especially in their quality. Stylish check shirts from Levi's round off your outfit perfectly. Whether worn long-sleeved or short, you can expect timeless designs and elegant cuts that you can wear confidently to any party. With our shirts you are definitely an eye-catcher. Take a look and convince yourself!