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New Balance

New Balance sneakers and apparel at Schuhdealer online store.

In 1906, the story of New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc. began in Boston, Massachusetts. The founder was William J. Riley. But why are the sneakers called New Balance, of all things, some will surely wonder. The idea of the then 33-year-old English immigrant is funny. The shoemaker wanted to develop new types of soles for better wearing and running comfort after he had dealt with the physical deficits of some people. The brilliant idea came to him while he was watching his chickens in the garden. He was so fascinated by chicken feet and how they kept their balance on three claws.

Taking the chicken feet as a model, he developed shoe soles with a three-pronged model. Thus, he created custom-made flat-foot insoles to correct orthopedic foot defects and reduce pain. Due to the different widths, it should be possible to find a shoe for every individual foot, no matter if women's or men's foot. In 1933, Arthur Hall joined the New Balance team as a partner. When both successfully coped with the economic crisis of the thirties, they began a move to Cambridge, Massachusetts. In the forties, Riley and Hall manufactured customized New Balance shoes for basketball, tennis and boxing. In 1940, Dan McBride entered the Reddish Road Race wearing the first handmade spikes made of black kangaroo leather with a crepe sole, made by New Balance, of course. Arthur Hall ran the company until 1953, when he sold it to his daughter and her husband. The company continued to produce orthopedic insoles until 1961, but then New Balance reached a milestone in the company's history: the "Trackster," a running shoe with a grooved sole. At that time, the shoes were already produced in different widths to ensure uniqueness for different feet. At that time, six employees were making 30 pairs of New Balance shoes a day. In 1976, the New Balance M320 won Runner`s World`s test as the best running shoe of the year. This was the impetus to market the New Balance brand worldwide and build a global empire. In 2006, New Balance celebrated its 100th anniversary and is represented on all 5 continents with over 2,800 employees. So take a look and convince yourself of the particularly high comfort of New Balance shoes. At Schuhdealer you will find a large selection of men's sneakers and women's sneakers.