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Nike sneakers for men and women

Nike, the Greek goddess of victory, does not exactly play an unimportant role in the sports company. In ancient times, she flew down from her mountain from time to time to support the Greeks and spur them on to peak performance. Nike - victory represents the philosophy of the company. In 1964, the sports company started still under the name "Blue Ribbon Sports" and distributed Onitsuka Tiger shoes on the market. In 1971, founders Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight decided to rename their company Nike to reflect their company's ambition. Bowerman, a track team coach, and Knight, a middle-distance runner, achieved their first success with Nike shoes at the Olympics.

There, Steve Prefontaine, a world-class runner, set a new record in Nike running shoes. The goal was and still is to optimize and improve the performance of athletes in a wide variety of disciplines. In 1974, Bowerman developed the Waffle® training shoe with the unique waffle sole for more grip. Quickly, this Nike shoe became the best-selling training shoe.

In 1978, Nike began selling it in Europe. In 1984 Nike sponsored basketball player Michael Jordan and he designed his first own collection. This was the beginning of an era: the Air Jordan brand brought Nike so much sales that the company became one of the leading sporting goods suppliers in 1989. At Nike, innovation stands not only for change, but also for the improvement of the product range. The trademark of the globally represented sports label is the Swoosh. The Nike logo was designed by a student during her studies. Nike co-founder Phil Knight wanted a dynamic sign for his shoes and sneakers and unceremoniously passed the order on to a design school. The Nike Swoosh is meant to represent the wing of the Greek goddess of victory, Nike. Over the years, Nike went from being just a shoe manufacturer to a sports outfitter with an extensive line of accessories and sportswear.

Today Nike is the largest sportswear brand in the world. Constant developments and innovations in all areas of sportswear make the Nike sneakers and Nike sportswear equally interesting for men and women. Not only in design are the running shoes and sneakers pioneers, but also the technical details of the Nike sneakers provide a comfortable footwear and a unique running feeling. In the development of the Nike Air Max sneaker, the design idea of the Parisian Centre Georges Pompidou was taken up. Thus, the sole technology of the Nike Air Max was deliberately made visible through a viewing window in the sole. Probably the most popular shoe model of the Nike brand, it was once developed as a running shoe. Today, however, the Nike Air Max is indispensable in the world of fashion-conscious men and women. And no matter where you wear this sneaker, the cushioned sole of the Air Max gives the wearer a comfortable feeling.

As indicated, not only the sneakers for women, men and children brought the success of today's empire, with athletic clothing Nike can also shine. In the Schuhdealer store men, women as well as children can find super chic sneakers with the typical Nike Swoosh.