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Globe skate shoes at Schuhdealer Onlineshop

In 1994, the professional skateboarders and brothers Matt, Steve and Peter Hill decided to found the company Globe in Melbourne, Australia. From the beginning it was clear that they wanted to give the skate and surf market a breath of fresh air with their Globe shoes and clothing. In the USA, the brand established itself just one year after the founding of Globe Shoes. Proskaters Rodney Mullen, Paul Machnau and David Gonzalez were signed on for promotional purposes in the US. These later also designed their own Globe shoe models.

But Globe does not only produce shoes for skaters, they also produce t-shirts, sweaters and accessories by Globe. Not for nothing Globe is one of the biggest skate shoe brands in the world. Only high-quality materials are used for the shoes, which are top processed and are available at an unbeatable price. Globe has made it its mission to always provide the skate world with fresh designs and models. We are therefore pleased to be able to offer you a large part of them in the Schuhdealer online store. Just stop by and get the latest skate shoes and sneakers!