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Baabuk wool sneakers - Behind the scenes

Baabuk is a Swiss family business that is fully committed to the natural fiber wool. But how are Baabuk wool sneakers made? Find out more about it here.

Baabuk is a Swiss family business that is fully committed to the natural fiber wool. But the company is not just about getting people excited about sneakers made of wool. Baabuk places a particularly high value on sustainability combined with tradition. Wool as an environmentally friendly and resource-saving fiber is the ideal choice here. After all, the processing of wool has a centuries-old tradition and can be done in a sustainable and fair way.

"Shoes that are contemporary, cozy, colorful, durable, responsible and thoughtful, and above all, never boring."

But what's so special about wool? This great natural fiber is cuddly, yet tough and durable. In addition, wool is water repellent and inhibits odors. In addition, it insulates on cold days and keeps your feet warm. When it gets warmer, wool cools your feet. So you can wear sneakers made of wool almost all year round. Another advantage is that wool is renewable, because it grows back and shearing is important for the health of the sheep.

Baabuk Herstellung

How are Baabuk sneakers made?

Baabuk slippers are made in one piece from wool felt, but the sneakers are made from felted wool. We'll explain the difference:

In the case of wool felt for the slippers, the wool threads are pressed onto the shoe blank, and in the process the angle of the fibers is changed again and again. In this way, a firm and strong net structure is obtained. Only hot water and soap are used for this. The water makes the fibers malleable and the soap makes the wool keep its shape. The resulting booties made of wool felt are then washed, dried and hammered and are then ready for the final touches.

Felted wool is used for the sneakers, which is machine-made in Portugal. The wool is agitated in water and hot dried. This makes it strong and resistant, but also soft. The machines are located in an old factory in a small town called Manteigas and are over 100 years old. The knowledge of making shoes from wool should also be passed on to future generations and that is why it is especially important to Baabuk to continue using the traditional machines. The shoes are then finished in the ateliers in a town near Manteigas.

Baabuk is a successful example of the combination of traditional materials, modern and fresh designs and a respectful approach to nature and people. In addition, sneakers from Baabuk are super comfortable because they adapt to the shape of the foot over time, making them great to wear. Reduced seams prevent pressure points and friction, so you can wear your Baabuk shoes without socks. Convince yourself of the great quality of the wool sneakers and discover Baabuk shoes at Schuhdealershop!


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