Barts beanies, gloves and more

Today we would like to introduce you to a great brand in the Schuhdealer online store - ladies and gentlemen: Barts. Barts dresses you with matching hats, scarves or gloves for the winter. With finest materials and fancy designs we are proud to present you the brand.

From beach shorts to beanies

It all started in the summer of 1986 on the sunny beach of Saint-Tropez. Bart first sold his handmade swim shorts on the beach of Saint-Tropez quite successfully and became famous. With his hard-earned money, he began an adventure and traveled out into the world. After being so successful with clothing for the summer and traveling from warm beaches to snowy mountains, Bart came up with an idea for winter accessories. In 1992, Bart Koene expanded his company and started with bandanas. Later knitted hats and winter accessories were added, these became more and more interesting, also for women and children.

In the Schuhdealershop you can find accessories from Barts: headbands, different caps, scarves as well as cozy gloves.

Barts Mützen
Barts Beanie

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