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Care for sneakers with Collonil - the Collonil Carbon Lab series

Collonil has developed a special shoe care series for sneakers: the Collonil Carbon Lab series. We present you the innovative Collonil shoe care, with which you can clean your sneakers.

Sneakers have been an integral part of the fashion world for years. What used to be called sneakers or sports shoes is now widely known as sneakers. The sporty kicks are outwardly in no way inferior to running shoes or other sports shoes, but they are primarily worn in everyday life. And those who wear their favorite sneakers often also need to care for them regularly so that they look like new for a long time. That's why the traditional company Collonil, which is known for high-quality shoe care products, has developed a special shoe care series for sneakers - the Collonil Carbon Lab series. We present you the innovative Collonil shoe care, with which you can clean your sneakers.

Collonil Carbon Lab

Brand new sneakers are a real eye-catcher. So that your favorite shoes still look good even after repeated wear, you should clean them every now and then. For shoe cleaning, Collonil has the Cleaning Foam from the Carbon Lab series ready for you. This foam is ready to use and can be applied quickly and easily to various materials. For leather sneakers, spray the Cleaning Foam onto a sponge; for textile, mesh or suede, use a brush. You can then spread the foam on the shoe with the sponge or brush in circular motions. The dirt and foam residues are best removed with a clean, damp cloth.

The beloved sneakers do not only get dirty on the outside. Sweat also accumulates inside the shoe, which often causes unpleasant odors due to bacteria. To clean men's sneakers and women's sneakers from the inside as well, you can get the Carbon Lab Odor Cleaner in the Schuhdealer store. This spray is ideal for neutralizing odors and disinfecting the sneaker from the inside. Simply spray the shoes or the garment with the Collonil Odor Cleaner and let it dry. This way you will immediately have a fresh scent.

Especially with sneakers, the so-called midsole also quickly becomes dirty, so that your beloved kicks quickly look worn. The midsole of your shoes and the lateral edge of the sole you can clean well with a special dirt eraser. In the Schuhdealer store we have the Carbon Midsole Cleaner from the Carbon Lab series ready for you. You can apply the Midsole Cleaner to a cloth, rub it into the midsole in a cleaning motion and remove the residue with a clean cloth. That's how easy it is to clean the midsole! Then you can use the Carbon Midsole Sealer, which seals the midsole and protects it against dirt. So you apply the Midsole Sealer after cleaning, so that the midsole stays white longer.

We also recommend that you impregnate your sneakers after cleaning. This will repel water and dirt, and you will be able to enjoy well-cared-for shoes for longer. The Collonil Carbon Pro waterproofing spray is ideally suited for this and convinces with innovative technology for a beading effect. Impregnate the shoes in a clean, dry state and let them dry. Afterwards, you can pamper your women's sneakers and men's sneakers with shoe care.

Collonil Carbon Lab Sneaker-Pflege

For sneaker care, Collonil has developed Carbon Lab Sneaker Care, which provides the upper material with valuable moisture. It doesn't matter whether your sneakers are made of smooth leather, suede or mesh. With over 90% natural ingredients you get here a special care for your beloved sneakers. Simply spray on at a distance of about 20 cm and spread with a cloth, let it dry and you're done!

With the right care products, shoe cleaning is fun and can be done in no time. Therefore, quickly secure the right sneaker care from Collonil in the Schuhdealer store!


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