The Collonil Carbon Pro waterproofing spray

"Shoes want Collonil"

Shoe care is a troublesome topic for many people. Because there is often not much time in everyday life to clean and care for shoes regularly. But if you take time for shoe care, you will enjoy your shoes longer. In addition to thorough cleaning, impregnation is an important aspect of shoe care. That's why we want to introduce you to the Collonil Carbon Pro waterproofing spray, with which you can optimally protect your shoes from penetrating moisture, wetness and dirt. The special feature of this Collonil waterproofing spray is that it acts like a membrane that is sprayed onto the upper material and provides a beading effect. However, the material is then not only protected against moisture and dirt, but also remains breathable at the same time. For this reason, the Carbon Pro waterproofing spray is also suitable for all functional textiles and can be used on shoes, bags, backpacks or even functional jackets. After 12 to 15 times of wearing, however, the impregnation should be refreshed.

Collonil Carbon Pro

How should Collonil Carbon Pro impregnation spray be used?

As with any other impregnation spray, the application is quite simple. First, you should clean your shoes thoroughly. Even with new shoes, it is recommended to impregnate them before wearing them for the first time, so that they are well protected from the start. Then spray the clean shoes evenly with Collonil Carbon Pro waterproofing spray at a distance of approx. 30 cm. To do this, please go out into the fresh air or ventilate the room well. After drying, you can care for the shoes as usual with other shoe care products. This way, the dirt does not penetrate as deeply into the material, but remains on the surface. This makes cleaning the shoes much easier. So if you impregnate your shoes regularly, you not only save time on cleaning, but you can also enjoy well-groomed shoes for longer. In the Schuhdealer store you will find the high-quality shoe care from Collonil and can immediately secure the Collonil Carbon Pro waterproofing spray. Since it is versatile, it should not be missing in any household!