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The new fashion designers - interview with bloggers, part 1

What is fashion? This question is no longer answered only by top designers on the glamorous catwalks in Paris, London and Berlin. Directly at grassroots level, among the people who...

What is fashion? This question is no longer answered only by top designers on the glamorous catwalks in Paris, London and Berlin. Directly at grassroots level, among the people who deal with the topic of fashion on a daily basis in their private lives, there are now a large number of blogs that are increasingly influencing current trends and currents.

Fashion bloggers are increasingly shaping the image that presents itself to us on the street, in catalogs and fashion stores. Like once only the editors of Vogue, they now help decide what is being worn now and in the near future. They offer their readers the latest information from the fashion world and, above all, their own ideas.

We at Schuhdealer wanted to know in more detail who these trendsetters at the fashion base are, what drives them and what tips they have for us when it comes to shoe trends. In our two-part interview series with nine bloggers, we get to the bottom of all this. For part one, the fashion experts from,, and gave us answers to our nine questions.

1. fashion blogs turn out quite differently depending on the taste and preferences of the operator. What is your blog about? The main topic is of course fashion - I report from Fashion Week, my work as a journalist and stylist, write from different countries, report from photo productions, my impressions and impressions, but also from my outfits - my style. Overall, I want to combine a nice interplay of topicality, personality and work.


Inspiration, information and entertainment! I put a lot of emphasis on a wide range of topics and try to offer my readers a mix of lifestyle, beauty, art, photography and fashion. There are also shopping, event and flea market tips as well as exquisite competitions on MIT HANDKUSS. In return, street style is dispensed with - I think we've all seen enough of that!

2. there are many ways to work in the fashion world, for example at magazines. However, you chose the internet and your very own blog to share yourself. What fascinates you about blogging?


I find it exciting to be able to work very topically. In addition, you create something of your very own - no one interferes, you can decide everything yourself, you can realize your very own style. MIT HANDKUSS is my private playground - here I can do what I like. True to the motto "anything goes." Also, blogging allows me to introduce people to beautiful things and quirky things. I like to share my travels or style with an unlimited number of people in a direct way. There are no limits to blogging. You just have to be aware of what exactly you are posting. It's just fun. Styling and photographing the outfits. Reporting on events and getting feedback from readers.

3. the Schuhdealer blog is of course mainly about shoes. So here's a question for you: what kind of shoes do you like to wear the most? Oh that's difficult, because I'm just as big a fan of high heels as I am of sneakers. It always depends on the occasion. But a great high shoe is of course always something great - the legs look longer and slimmer, the posture more upright - you definitely have a different appearance than with a casual sneaker. For this, they are all the cooler, you are just in this moment a different person - but I am also very happy sometimes. I don't like to wear ballerinas, they just don't suit me - I find such shoes kind of stuffy. Boots and sneakers, high heels - everything that has extreme heels. For me, there is nothing more feminine than heeled shoes. For me, the higher the better. I personally don't do well with mini heels. Jana loves sneakers - in all colors and variations. Whether Vans or Nikes, the main thing is comfortable. Jil has high shoes in her closet, but she also prefers to walk on more comfortable, currently also on platform soles.

4. with fashion Bloggern is it above all the variety, which fascinates. Everyone has their own taste, which shows in the blog. How would you describe your style? My style is sometimes sporty, sometimes hippie, always a bit rocky and very girly. I can't really put it into one word - but I like to wear leather jackets, shorts and boots, but also purefashiontva delicate silk dress with strappy shoes. Audrey Hepburn meets Keith Richards Elegant, classy and feminine. I just like being a woman and feel comfortable in my skin. For example, I really like to combine expensive and high quality high heels with a simple dress. Some people say I have something of Dita von Teese. wears urban street style. Mainly men's t-shirts, tank tops and shirts (gladly swiped from boyfriends) in combination with knit caps and sneakers. Jil's closet consists to 90% of the color black and basics without much schischi. Evergreens that can be combined with anything.

5. As with everything in fashion, everyone has their own unique taste in shoes. What are your favorite shoe brands and what do you appreciate about them? Honestly, I can't name a brand that I like to buy or wear the most - I buy the shoes that I like, to my taste.

I buy the shoes that I like, that fit my style and that don't totally overwhelm my wallet. Sure, I like to spend a lot of money on a really great pair of shoes, but it can also be a nice heel from Zara. I also like to wear sneakers from Adidas. My most expensive pairs are from Miu Miu and Prada. But that's not a must for me!!! Jimmy Choo and Nike. I don't think it could be more contrary. But that's exactly what reflects my style! Jimmy Choo is known for his extravagant shoe designs. Especially the boots have a fantastic cut and can be worn for casual city trips as well as for elegant evening events. For that, the Nike (Air Max 1) are by far the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned. Louboutins. I like the quality and the design. In addition, one always stands out with the red sole - and then gladly. You leave a positive impression on both women and men. But besides Christian Louboutin high heels, I like high heels from Prada, Manolo Blahnik and Miu Miu. Jana: Nike - sporty, comfortable shoes. From my point of view, you can always wear them: whether in private or at work and my feet will thank me later. Jil: Vagabond - mainly black models and with block heel or platform just to my taste. Must-have, which I absolutely must call my own: Model DIOON as an ankle boot or sandal.

6. quick decision question: Do I prefer chucks or sneakers? I can't say - I have both in my shoe closet. But I prefer to wear Chucks with pants than with skirts or dresses. Sneakers - no question. Both only in an emergency - and then I prefer Chucks. For me, sneakers belong in the gym. Chucks are sneakers, aren't they? So sneakers = sneakers.

7. shoes are an important part of an outfit. However, what is wearable and what is not in combination has changed a lot in recent years. For example, sneakers are increasingly worn with suits. Is that stylish or a faux pas for you? I think it's great and I even like it better on some people, especially men - definitely not a faux pas. Faux pas! On some self-confident men it looks appropriate, but it also always depends on the industry they represent. Personally, I like the classic version better. Sometimes better than the dandy lace-ups polished to a high shine.


8. If you had to choose among all the outfits you love, which would be your current favorite? My favorite outfit - phew! Difficult ... I wear everything from heels to sneakers. But I like it best when it's a bit more casual. On hot summer days I love to wear airy dresses. These are pimped up with lots of accessories. Since I'm a lover of contrasts, I like to slip into sneakers in such cases, combining elegance with sportiness. A black knee-length cocktail dress or evening gown, with classic Louboutin pumps. If it's not supposed to be a party look, I like to combine blouses with skirts. Jana: I like casual and comfortable. On warm days, a simple pair of hot pants with bright sneakers is enough. Add an airy shirt and one of my countless pairs of sunglasses - and you're done. Jil: I love the revival of the 90s, so what I liked to wear back then, I can now buy again in the stores. That's why I like to combine a crop tank top and pencil skirt quite uncharacteristically with comfortable runners on thick soles when I go for a walk with my pooch.

9. as a fashion blogger, you are of course well informed about what shoe trends the coming fall has in store for us. That's why we ask last: What is your personal shoe trend for fall 2013? For me in any case: wedge heel as before and very big pointed pumps in red and pink! For sneakers, it will probably be the simple ones again - like the retro Nike, for example. Boots & Sneakers - in all imaginable colors and cuts. Pumps, boots and ankle boots - also here rather in classic, timeless black. Gladly gänzend or from leather. Jana: Sneakers with all-over print. Jil: Ankle or Chelsea boots with block heel.


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